Monday, 14 July 2014

Easy Ramadan Recipes + DIY Summer Picnic! (Do or DIY episode 1)

Hello guys! So its Ramadan! And its summer. And its hot.
So lets have a summer iftar picnic! YAAAAYYY!!!
(bonus: These recipes are so simple and easy that they wont require you to stand in the hot kitchen for long during your fast:) And this is the 1st episode of Do or DIY which  a new diy series I'm starting here I'm so excited!

LETS GET (this picnic) STARTED!!!
So the first recipe is......(drumroll...)
1. Mango & Date Salsa
Its the season of mangoes(and dates) so today I will show you how to make your very own salsa! so for this you'll need:
  • Mangoes (ofcourse)                                         2-3
  • Tomato  sliced or diced                                   1
  • Onion  diced                                                    1
  • Salt n peppa'                                                    as much as you like   
  • Dates                                                                5-6
  • Any fruit juice or syrup(i used pineapple)     5-6 tablespoons
  • Pineapple (optional)                                        just a few chunks
  • Lemon or lime                                                 a dash
  • Corn(optional)                                               5-6 tablespoons
  • Chopped coriander                                           2-3 tbsp
Okay so you gotta slice your mangoes and add i the tomato and the diced onion. Add salt n pepper according to taste. Since its Ramadan so we gotta have the dates cause dates are kinda essential in Ramadan. Add in a dash of lemon. I highly recommend adding any kinda fruit juice or syrup to it just like I used pineapple,e syrup, you can use mango juice as well. I garnished it with some chunks of pineapple and a heart shape of a tomato and a slice of the mango!

2. Bana-watermelon popsicles
This goodness will definitely BEAT THE HEAT after your fast and I mean it you guys!
so get your ingredients ready everyone
  • Watermelon(don't throw away its rind, i have a surprise for ya!)
  • Bananas or mangoes or grapes or peaches really the
    possibilities are endless!
  • Cups or glasses or a popsicle maker
  • Skewers or plastic spoons
 Get your watermelon into the blender and blend blend blend. Pour this into your glasses and hop em into the freezer. Next you wanna take the bananas or any other fruit and again blend blend blend. With fruits like the latter I recommend adding a leetle bit of water so that it blends well. When the blended watermelon is semi frozen you wanna stick in the sticks or spoons. The watermelon should have a hard, icy surface for you to pour the banana onto it. Now you shall(after a kinda long waiting game) enjoy your very own diy popsicle. Its so picnic-y!

3. JelloWatermelon
This is a really fun dessert and its perfect for the summer and its super easy. Remember the not-throwing away its rind? well here's where it comes in handy! So all you need to prepare this dessert is:
  • Watermelon rind (told you so)             1
  • Strawberry jello                        1 pack

 As easy as this sounds, its way more than that.
Boil water in a pot as per the directions of your jello. Empty the contents of the pack and get it ready in  a bowl. After the water is boil pour it in the jello to make your jello. You wanna, now immediately pour the jello into your watermelon rind. Pop it in the fridge to let it set! You can cut it into slices once its set:)Easy right? I know.

4. Dates el cream/ Dates a la cream
So Ramadan is not complete without the dates so here I show unique and elegant snack that is delicious and classy. All you need is
  • Dates
  • whipped cream
And you basically wanna get the cream into a ziploc bag and de-seed your dates. Pipe the cream into the dates and wah-laah!

5. Peach Melba
Peach Melba anyone! Blend away:
  • peaches
  • watermelons
  • some fresh mint you can use a mint extract if you cant find it fresh
  • a banana 
And you'll  have your own delight in a glass in no time!

6. Summer on a Stick
Okay so this is definitely one of my faves. So for this you'll need:
  • Lots of fruits and;
  • lollipop sticks or skewers
  • whipped cream(optional)
And you basically wanna alternate the chopped or sliced or diced fruits... wait I'll show you how:)

This is the most simple snack of the whole picnic after the dates and I loooooove it!<3 It basically SCREAMS summer which is why I named it Summer on a stick.
pop these in the freezer and top with cream!

And we are finished with our picnic you guys. I hope you guys enjoyed it 'cause I certainly did!

Do you love having a picnic? Which recipe was your favorite? Let me know in the comments
And hashtag #doordiy #diywitholiveoil if you recreate any of my recipes!
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