Friday, 24 August 2012

Olive Oil enters High School + The Dumb Dees

Okay so this is totally different and as you guys know I'm a freshman in high school and I must say its really weird cum exciting. all the things that mattered in middle school, don't anymore. Its a totally different experience.
Ok so I walk in and I walk to the right side which is the high school side(-yaayy) and I feel like an adult already! I see my name in the little lists they've put up with a bunch of friends- and guess what, I'm in a creeeepy section. Yeap, a creepy one. D. We find out who our teachers are. I don't feel so great in those weird people until art class.
I've already mentioned that I used chalk pastels for the first time in my 14th Aug post. Check it out here---> and dude were they fun!?!
Haaha, look at my hands! So... err, colorful!
I feel really crazy right now, posting this picture, but whatever.
So the first day was kinda weird, not knowing a soul in your section but knowing they're all freaks
Desperate wannabes, indecently fake and unfriendly people. But I think its not that bad and the rest of the days I didnt feel that disgusted as I did on the first day. I just don't like a few there but other than that its all fine.:D
So I guess thats it for now and leave a comment about your first days of school and I'll see you next time :)