Sunday, 16 September 2012

Oh, Rain

So I had my moms special Bana-Chocolate Fudge cake for breakfast this morning, and thought about doing a blog post, not caring that I have fat books to study from. Bana? A short form I created for banana. Love the combo of chocolate and banana. Yumm
Ok enough of 'yumm talk' now, seriously Olive Oil, stop now.

Moving back to the topic, the rains last week were unforgettable. I think July's supposed to be the monsoon season but sadly enough it didn't rain all July and all August. But better late than never, isn't it?
 Every morning on my way to school I used to see the dark, scary clouds and wish for it to rain, but it didn't. Instead it always did on the unexpected day.
Last Tuesday, I think it was the funnest day ever, we were in class and it started raining. and I was near the window! Yess! Staring continuously out the window, not caring at all what the teachers are blabbing.
And our way back from school was pretty self explanatory. I, for one, had a crazy time with a bunch of friends and enjoyed loads-out of a window!

I could only take two, because I was busy enjoying the rain. Yes.

I love how those water droplets put a smile on everyones' faces. its like the rain spreads smiles and positive energy, promoting a positive attitude. No matter how awful of a mood you're in, the rain will totally brighten you up and turn your frown :( upside down :)!
Rain is:

Good Bye and I'll see you next time.
-Till then, have a cupcake with pink frosting and chocolate chips. :)
And that little cartoon at the top? Errr, yeah, I made that on my planning sheets. Yeah.