Tuesday, 31 December 2013

3.2,1...hello 2014!

2014 New Year Happy Design

salama, hi, hello, hola, aloha, bonjour Lovely readers!
Since it is the holiday season and pretty much the end of 2013(wow it feels weird to say that) I decided to write a post.
Starting off, 2013 was a bit boring and a bit plain...initially. But little did I know, it was to be a remarkable year that changed my life. I had no idea that such huge beautiful things could occur. 2013 played a major part in me growing spiritually, mentally and in all sorts of ways. I learnt a lot this year. I'm not just saying that you guys but honestly I did.
I also learnt to have positive attitude(alhamdullilah:)) which I think we all should. Being a teen, (ah well we all know the teenage drama) it is crucial to alter and adjust your attitude. You can practically solve and reduce half your problems via the help of your attitude. Not being whiny, cranky, not overthinking, not critisizing yourself and most importantly believing in yourself.
2013, oh what do I say? You have been indeed a miraculous year, telling that all the things that happen in  life are there for a reason. Even if one is going through a tough time, it'll all lead to GOOD. Just believe in God, and your true self. Miracles happened(mashaAllah) and I couldn't be more thankful. I realised that whatever happens, is always for the best :)
Let's hope to make 2014 better than 2013 Inshallah!
Moving on, the answers to the big questions everyone asks you before the new year:
What are your new years resolutions?
Well, mine are as follows:

I think its important for us to actually take our resolutions seriously and try to follow and incorporate that into our lives and NEVER, EVER, EVER let anyone bring us down

Having said that, I'll wrap up ze last post of 2013 with hope and prayers for a better, peaceful and fun year ahead in all our lives and a post-ful one(i know that's not a real word,ah well) blogo-spherically:)
My prayers, hugs and wishes go out to all my lovelies!
Until next (wait should i write post or year? ha ha) post/year,
stay beautiful, stay strong, stay YOU and chase your dreams until your dreams chase you! love, em.