Friday, 20 July 2012

My first post :)

So I am writing this post and am really really excited for it and my blog(-of course). So, whats this gonna be about?, my inspiration and all the answers are gonna be here:D
I love love love art. Its like a chocolate lava cupcake for me(-Yumm!). Yep, every form of it. Be it DIY, writing, reading, painting or sketching. I really enjoy it. Art, for me is like the best way to express yourself. Whenever I wanna express something, like how I'm feeling, I'll always paint or draw or write or maybe just consider DIY, I mean how awesome is that to create your own personalized stuff?!?
So yeah, this blog is gonna be all about the stuff I talked about above. Most importantly, its gonna be about creativity and being your own self.

So don't forget to comment, follow and stay tuned for more posts :D

-And Hey, I'm sending you an online piece of yummy chocolate cake<3