Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Fragrance Tag ;)

Hey everyone! So I recently got tagged in the fragrance tag and I've also been obsessed with tags. I think they let you get to know the person a whole lot better and they let yo know about the little-(and silly) details about the person. And I'm planning on doing more tags like the nail tag or other beauty and random tags. So let me know if you guys are interested in reading more tags or if you want me to do any specific tags.

 1. Fruity, floral, warm, spicy, or food smell? I think my all time go-to would be fruity and floral ones. But it all depends on the season, if its the fall or winter I'd take warm or cinnamony scents and now is summer so I really like fruity and fun scents.
2. Body spray or perfume? Perfumee all the wayy! Because I think perfumes are more longlasting and diverse and versatile. Because they last more longer than bodysprays and theyre more scented.
3. Whats your all time favorite perfume? Hot by United Colors of Benetton
4. Whats your all time favorite body spray? Probably the She is Crazy bodyspray
5. What are fragrance are you wearing right now?  Exotic Garden by Fa

So I hope you enjoyed this tag and let me know your answers in the comments below. and if you have any beauty
requests feel free to comment and I'll talk to you next time. Byee :)