Tuesday, 23 July 2013

DIY: Makeup Remover

Salam, Hi, Hello, Hola, Aloha, Bonjour, everyone!
I'm back with a DIY!
You know, you have your days when your makeup remover is just on the verge of finishing and if you're a procrastinator, you like 'ehh, I'm just gonna go get another bottle of this.....tomorrow'. And then you have the day when you completely run out of it.
Have no fear, lovelies, OliveOil aka Eman, is here!

Things you'll need:

  1. Extra virgin olive oil
  2. A resealable container to store your makeup remover in
  3. Aloe vera water( you can get this at any grocery store or harvest your own just like I did)
  4. Any kinda fruity essence/flavor you want (optional)
  5. A dash of lemon(again, if you want to)

 Step 1: 
Get your aloe vera water in in your bottle and fill about 2/3rds of your bottle. Aloe vera is a gifted, natural skin conditioner which works wonders for your hair and skin. A little of this can make your skin glow and remove all the dirt and make it super soft.

Now, I harvested my own aloe vera and made the aloe vera water(-I know right? A DIY within a DIY:D). Considering the fact that I'm such a DIY freak, but a one bought from the store will work as great.

Step 2:
Get your EVOO into your bottle. A little of it goes a long way. Where do I begin, do I seem less obsessed with the presence of my screen name?
Olive oil is great for your skin, reduces acne, works wonders for sensitive skins, natural moisturiser and exfoliant, great skin and hair conditioner, and what not. It prevents premature wrinkling and sagging and even improve your memory!
You wanna get at least or around the amount of EVOO shown in the picture on the right.

 If you happen to be a lemon freak like me, then you might wanna add a little bit of it. Even if you're not, I'd recommend adding a hint of it. I did a whole post quite a while ago, dedicated solely to lemons and the wonders they do for you, which you can read here

Step 4:  
Now that you have all your contents in your bottle, you wanna screw the little cap back on the bottle and shake it well so that you apply both the EVOO and aloe vera water. 

After shakin', your makeup remover is ready to use!

This works perfectly, it gives the skin the conditioning it needs and the olive oil removes the blackest of eyeliners and the waterproof-est of the waterproof mascaras.
I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY with me, 'cause trust me, I did!
Until next post,