Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Lemony Beauty

Heyy girlies! So today we'll be talking about lemons. 
We all have this round yellow globe of benefits lying  in our fridges and we probably get this stuff whenever we do our groceries and we always think of it as a flavor enhancer for our food. But its also great out of the kitchen, and a natural beauty product.

1. Skin:
Its a great cleanser, especially if you have oily skin. It helps rejuvenate and relax your skin without out drying it out, removing the dirt and oil from your skin. You can also mix honey and  rosewater with lemon juice and apply it to your face for 10-15 minutes and wash it off with cold water. The antioxidant properties in this stuff will give you a healthy glow you always wanted.
If you have acne prone skin, this stuff is gonna be your lifesaver, you can use it as a toner and apply it to the acne area or your entire face in your nightly skincare routine. the acidic properties in this bad boy will get rid of the icky stuff. Don't worry about the itchy sensation at first, it'll go away soon.:)
Its also very effective for healing sunburns:)
2. Hair
Lemon juice can be a great conditioner for your hair. Rinse your hair with this after you shampoo to add a beautiful shine and softness
3. Teeth 
Its great for healing toothaches strengthening gums and whitening teeth, so smile with pride!

So I hope you enjoyed these little tips and tricks and found them helpful. Take care and I'll see you next time
Stay beautiful <3