Thursday, 16 August 2012

Green, White and Pakistan ;)

14th August. Yeaap we've all heard about it and celebrated independence every year. But it's really weird that every year our celebrations are not as fun and patriotic as the last ones. Its like we dont care about it as much as we used to before, probably because of the current situations. We're not so enthusiastc about it.  The flag, the green one with the little star and crescent actually show who we are and it shines, sparkles and glows in the air with pride.

So I was happy -because of 14 Aug and also that i had to go out shopping.(yayy). Suprisingly, I woke up early and turned on the tv and it was bombarded with fun 14th of August stuff. Songs, shows and all that jazz. Sadly enough I dont like the fact that they dont make any new patriotic and *love your country* kinda songs and shows. There are no new songs! :(  On the happy side, its a great coincidence that this day was 25th  Ramadan which was the same day Pakistan got independence in the lunar calendar.

As I went shopping, I saw flags on peoples cars flags at stores and stuff. I saw fewer people wearing green, though. I also made a little art project the day before which had a fusion of colors and I used chalk pastels for the first time. And i discovered they were soo powdery and chalky, but they were better than my expectations.

This is just something I did a year or two before on 23rd March when we had a match and I think its super patriotic to go on there and stroke some paint on your face to show how much you love your country.

See, even Google was happy :)

I know it is pretty weird to post this stuff after 14th Aug- but hey we should be patriotic throughout the year rather than just loving your country only on national holidays or just twice or thrice a year.
A little message:

Be Proud
Be Pure
Be Pur Umeed (hopeful)
Be Passionate
Be Perceptive
Be Perfect
Be Pakistani! <3