Monday, 10 June 2013

Bad hair days, be gone!

Uh oh, you wake up in the morning, looking at yourself in the mirror, realising that your hair doesnt look so good. The worst thing about it, you have to go to school/work. And you're like "oh man how am I supposed to go looking like this?"
Now every single one of us has been there. Bad hair days can actually ruin your mood and in turn,your day.
Not any more because this post has popped up to turn your *bad hair days* into ta ta da da : *awesome hair days*
Keep scrolling 'cause there's a lot you can do!

1. Dry shampoo/leave in products:
Now you can solve this problem very efficiently with the usage of products. But to an extent, cause I dont seem to be a huge fan of this because its not that effective. Some products actually tend to be oily in nature and make your hair even worse and oilier. But as far as leave in conditioners are concerned, they can work wonders.
2. Talc:
A more conventional way is to rub talc in the roots of your hair. This is a very effectual way as it soaks up all the oil from your scalp. Side by side, it kinda makes your hair a little dry and you cant just do it all the time. But using it NOT so frequently wont hurt.
3. A headband/barrette:
Okay now this is an extremely cute way of dazzling up your hair on a bad hair day. Not only does it make your hair look cute but also it removes the bad hair day-ness of your hair. There are tonnes of  different kinds of headbands you can get and they look super cute. Bows, flowers, glitter and sparkles and a whole lot more.
4. A Beanieee!!
Okay guys, this was the thing i was excited about all through the post. This, personally, is my favorite way. Oh Yes, a beanie it is, when you cant decide what hairstyle you're gonna wear your hair in. Not only does it look super cute but also saves you from having a bad hair day. Secondly, you can even embellish your beanies with DIY-ed (or not) ruffled, kanzashi or french and other kindsa flowers, bows and beads and stuff.
You can also keep a little box of bobby pins which can come in handy, especially for a bad hair day.

These little tips and tricks are simple, easy and so not time consuming. They can be very useful and can turn your bad hair day into a ta ta da da: AWESOME HAIR DAY!
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Goodbye and Goodluck:)