Saturday, 29 June 2013

BB, CC and now DD creams!!??

So hey you guys! I seriously can't believe it. I was just reading Michellle Phan's blog and I came across a post through which I got to know about DD Creams(and CC creams ofcourse)
The makeup brand Julep has made the first DD cream which not only has SPF, is moisturising and works as a lightweight foundation, also has anti aging properties in it. DD standss for the Dynamic do all.
A CC Cream stands for color correcting. Although, personally, I haven't used it, I've read that it doesn't differ that much from a BB Cream.
A tinted moisturiser has been quite popular and is a foundation with the power of moisturisation. But frankly speaking, I haven't seen many people buying it after the alphabet creams took over. Sadly enough, the don't sell tinted moisturisers here in Pakistan. BOO.
BB Creams(beauty balm) creams have originated in Asia, but ironic that they just came to Pakistan. And on top of it, only a few selected makeupbrand sell them. The Body Shop has them, Garnier and The Etude House. Even the Maybeline ones aren't available here, even though we have Maybelline here in Pakistan.
I wonder when CC and DD Creams will be available here:(
I absolutely love BB Creams and I can't wait to try the CC! Ha ha.
But honestly, it's gonna be a bit weird if they keep working their wayin to the alphabets and reach till 'Z'
*Awkward*. And I wonder: why didn't they make an AA cream??!!
ooh, and dont forget to leave me your comments on how you're likin the alphabet creams- and if you've tried a DD/CC cream!!
BBye loveliesX)