Tuesday, 25 June 2013

High School

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So as you guys know, my freshman year was over this May and I will be beginning my sophomore year.
So in my freshman year, I got to meet the most horrendous, hideous, ugly, disgusting and horrible people.
I cannot believe that people can be so shallow, petty and low lown and the only reason they're nice to you, is because they just want something from you. Trust me, they're not the ones who are, in any way, loyal and true or sincere to you.
 Moreover, there's another category of people who label whatever they do under the tag of religion. I mean whatever they're doing, even if it's bad, under the name of religion; without even having proper and true knowledge of it.
People are not gonna show who they are, what they REALLY are, considering you stupid. I mean do you really have to wear this mask and hide who you really are?
And of course, when there's high school, there's drama. Girl drama, guy drama, all sorts of drama. No matter how much you wanna stay away from it, you'll always be talked into it. Those little *missi'msoperfects* may try to bring you down, but trust me you're much better than them and, to be honest, they're not even worth it.
No seriously, I mean it. High school is a roller coaster ride for me and for everyone else too.
So wherever you are, whoever you are, jump up and give those people a little piece of your mind and show them who you are.
  And dont you dare change yourself for other people!
Make sure to comment below and let me know what you think about highschool.
Have a strawberry cream cupcake from the kingdom of Olive Oil. *drum roll*