Wednesday, 26 June 2013


So I'm right now snacking on a Mars bar, umm, yumm! 'Cause I seem to have nothing else to do. The t.v's on and seriously you guys, there's nothing on it.except  tacky, full of conspiracies desi dramas. ugh. My summer, is going awesome, but you know everyone's had that time when you feel sooo weirdly bored.
  Well, I just started a watercolor and I really wanna complete it. The base, or the background, I did quite a while ago when I was practising for my exam in May. I just found it yesterday and I was like, "ehh, you know what, I should work on this". So I did! And, don't worry, I'm gonna upload a picture of that  when I've completed it.
Well, thats it for now, 'cause I gotta movie to watch!
Ciao for now lovelies:)
P.S, nothing better than chocolate eating while watching a movie, Yummm.