Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Day 12: 5 weird things that I like

Hello beautiful!
Getting started...
1. Tape
Okay I know it sounds weird but, yeah, I like tape and I always have been obsessed with it. I mean its a thing completely normal, but it is aweird thing to lie -_-.But hey, It does always come in handy, whether for beauty or when you simply wanna shut someone up and a lot more.

2. Desi..what!?
So yeah, I like desi. As weird as that is, I must say I do not like all of it. Only the food and I think thats pretty much it. The people, GOD, NO! And I like how it;s all so different.

3. I like inventing my own sammies. Oh yeah. theyre delicious.

4. The smell of henna.
Well, this is indeed weird. And some people  don’t even like it, but wharever, Miss OliveOil does notlike them*sniff* I also like the coldfeels of, if you’ve ever gotten henna done on your hands, you know whatI’m talkin about;)

4. The smell of rain..

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