Friday, 9 August 2013

Oh boy, Day 7 AND 8 AND 9!

Alright, my internet suck, you guys! Needless to say more...
Anyways, lets get into Day 7
Day 7: My favorite toys:
I dont actually have like ONE specifically. Byt I must say I was a stuffed animal oriented kid. I wasn't that much into dolls and stuff, I mean ofcourse I did play with em, but stuffed bunnies(bunnayys), teddies etcwere more dominant.
Please tell that this id NOT the weirdest thing you've ever heard/read in your life: I kinda, as a kid, (oh who am I kidding, noew too) had a teeni tiny obsession with tape, oh yeah you so heard/read it right. But, in my defense, it IS quite useful.

Day 8: What you hope your future will be like:
Umm, ok this is quite a weird question, I'll wear my thinking hat and think about it later.lalalskdfjjdfn

Day 9: How important you think education is?
Now, this element was also feature in my Day 2 post. I think education has a huge mark on our lives and it really doesmake a difference. No idividual or say, country never really strive or develops or races without having this beauty. Like I said, I can go on for hours on this and I think education has to be our number one priority. You may notrealise the value of it, but living in Pakistan truly shows you the importance of it and makes you realise its value.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post :).