Thursday, 15 August 2013

Day 15: 15 interesting facts about me

My internet has been acting quite bonkers lately so, here's day 15:
  1. I am trilingual, not sure if that's a real word, multilingual. 
  2. I translate songs into different languages I know
  3. I always save all the awesome goodies like chocolate, icecream, chips for my favorite TV shows/movie, and eat 'em while I watch.
  4. I am delighted, and attracted to glittery things.
  5. I have a shrill, squeaky voice.(I am very proud of it)
  6. I love love love DIY-ing.
  7. I'm a good singer(at least that's what I think.)
  8. I heart writing.(Ha ha obviously!)
  9. I heart cooking and baking.
  10. I hate Math.
  11. Although I do love makeup, I do not wear it on a daily basis. (except for lip balm, I cant live without it;))
  12. I eat in class, a lot, not because I'm hungry, just cause I love annoying people like that. B)
  13. I love pink and red.
  14. I say, that even the littlest of things matter.
  15. I hate sport.
Well that was fast! There is so much more. I am having so much fun in this challenge!
                                             Do you have a list of facts about you? Share it with me!and Do you have any fact in common with me?
Until next post,