Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Here we go, 14th of August.

Salam, Hi, \Hello, Hola, Aloha, Bonjour lovely readers. Today, is the 14th of August, which means it is Independence Day. You can read my last year's Independance day post: Green, White and PakistanWhat?! Take this for example:

A normal average citizen of Pakistan: (in his/her fake accent) "OMG, Goddammit, Pakistan, so corrupt. Yahan pe corruption, inflation, poverty, lack of education, lack of awareness, illiteracy, gandi government hai.Na bijli, na pani, And and and Karachi ko to alag mulk banana chaiye. I'm leaving Pak and I'm goin to the U.S!!!!!!!!!!!"

My reply to all those who have thoughts and opinions like this. You complain about your corrupt government! Well, look into yourselves. Are you NOT corrupt? You don't lie. YOU DONT cheat or bribe people. Don't you break signals? Well, of course you do! So quit complaining and saying: "Yaar tabdeeli(change) nahin aati."


As, in the Quran, Allah has said:
"And Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves"

And then the same person, mentioned in the example, on 14th of August, 23rd March, or probably when we have a match with an opponent country, will be seen around wearing the Team Pakistan tee, posting status updates and tweets saying: "Happy Independence Day" or "Pakistan<3" or maybe "Long live Pak" and a tonnes more.
I am, in no way saying that I am a big shot patriot or have done a lot for my country, but yes I am patriotic and I love my country. As I say
"The problem is, I don't hate my country, I hate its people"
 My country is what defines me, no matter what others say about it, I am set to prove them wrong.
A little thing I did in my last years post:
Be Proud
Be Pure
Be Pur Umeed (hopeful)
Be Passionate
Be Perceptive
Be Perfect
Be Pakistani! <3

Bottom line, Pakistan is no joke, it was made 'cause of a miracle and it's own people are letting it down.
Until next post,