Saturday, 3 August 2013

Day 3- TV Shows

Okay so having a good suhoor, I decided to post the Day 3. I'm more of a movie person than a tv show person, probably because movies dont end in half an hour and are not bombarded with commercials.Just so you guys know, my sister and I love watching tv shows and watch many of them, but only a few lucky ones are our favorites.
Masterchef, I think, has to be number one on this list. I did not actually follow it right from the beginning, but once I saw the junior version of it and have been obsessed. Still am. Then I watched the season 4 of the adult one and went gagaga. I even watched a season of the US one and it was, too quite good,mutthe Australia one is much much more fun.
Then the big bang theory, ofcourse is quite hilarious and  I love the little details of the characters, they are quite well structured.
Until next post,