Friday, 2 August 2013

Day 2: Someting that I strongly feel about

Aloha Sunshineees! Okay now, there's not just ONE thing that I strongly feel about, so, I choose to make a list.
  1. Judgemental-ism: I think many people out there you know have this problem. By just seeing someones face, their looks, what they wear and by what people say about them, makes you bounce to a conclusion and perception about the person. Without getting to know their personality you can't just say that they do not possess a good heart. For example: "You know (person's name) is just so mean and so rude adkkfkfkfdkjdkfd. blahblablalh......." How can you just believe what what they just said? 
  2. The situation of my country: Torrent Ban? Check. Youtube ban? Check. Pakola Ban? Also check. Why doesn't our 'beloved' government of my wonderful country ban things like blasphemous TV shows that are under the tag of Ramadan or smoking etc?. Oh yeah, go drown your country in the icky sea of illiteracy, poverty, lack of education, zero civilisation and total lack of awareness. The problem is, we don't really care who we are. Going to all the before election jalsas DOES NOT make you a good, responsible civilian. did you stop breaking signals? or stop using kundas? see. you cant just get away with what you do my hiding yourself under some tag. The problem is, I don't hate my country, I hate it's people. Normally, our country is what defines us, but sadly, we don't define it the way we should. Did you ever notice that we are the only ones in this frikkin world who are too divided to unite? Sectarianism, and ridiculously enough, one language, i.e our national language is not enough for us! We want 2 languages to define us! And guess what? The love for your country only starts bubbling in your heart when we got a match with opponent countries or when it's 14th of August or 23rd March. Well yeah, I could keep going on and on about this for hours so without further ado, lets pop into Number 3.
  3. Education: Again, I think education is quite the fuel for any individual, or even a country's master stroke. Without education, without awareness, a country can't actually strive to develop and I think it should be, on our priorities, number one.
  4. Being Yourself: I think, that you gotta live your life the way you actually want it to be. If not, you'll be, living your life the way others want it, and thus end up living their life. Then again, you do not have to let anyone else live your life. You're girly?, you're sporty?, shout it out across the mountain tops! Be proud of what you do and don't be scared or shy and don't think about what others will say. They can't be you and you can't be them. Others are freaks, but you are THE awesome splash. Believe in it. 
I hope you guys enjoyed Day 2 and I'll talk to you tomorrow(day3!)
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