Sunday, 25 August 2013

Day 23, 24 and 25!

Ello' Gorgeous!
Beginning with: Day 23: Something that I miss
I dont really miss something in particular, but yeah there a tonnes a good things that I do miss.
First of all, I miss the unanimous-ness of ourselves which seems to be vanished completely. I miss the love everyone had for each other. Thirdly, I miss YOUTUBE.

Day 24: Words/phrases that make me laugh.
okay, I'll say it. "The phrases from movies."
like, in diary of a wimpykid:
Rodrick: "Its the base solo, tirdbirdwird dont you know anything about music?"and others.
basically each and every funny phrase in movies, if you say em in fronta me, I'll burst out laughing.

Day25: Someone who fascinates me
Weird question. There are a lotta people who fascinate me. First of all, my mom, being such an inspiration. Second off, Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. Oh yeah.
Ciao for now!
until next post,